Dragon Boating: Paddling in the Orient

February 27, 2017 admin 0

So far we have seen and read about the various aspects of individual paddling as a sport. Be it in the case of paddle-surfing, paddle-boarding or traditional kayaking using paddles, most of what we get to witness, is exciting solo […]

Whitewater Canoeing

February 24, 2017 admin 0

Of all the different categories of canoeing, whitewater canoeing is definitely the most challenging and competitive. The reason is simple- the fact that you are paddling your canoe in choppy river waters, is enough for adrenaline-junkies to get all high. […]

LG 24GM77

Gaming Monitor Advantage: The LG 24GM77

February 22, 2017 admin 0

Are you ready to up your gaming potential? Have you been thinking about an upgrade, but not sure what to invest in? Maybe it’s time to think about that dusty old monitor you’ve had for years, and upgrade to a […]

Alternate Uses of Kayaks

February 20, 2017 admin 0

There’s no end to innovation as far as any new discovery is concerned, and more so is the case with human inventions that have spanned over centuries. The most rudimentary forms of kayaks were of course created for the fundamental […]

Paddling: The Right Way

February 17, 2017 admin 0

It looks like a simple device used for paddling. But your knowledge of paddles and subsequent purchase decision, can make a vast difference in your overall performance as a professional kayaker or even a recreational one, for that matter. When […]

Sea Kayaking: Unprecedented Marine Adventures

February 13, 2017 admin 0

Even if you’ve had your share of River Kayaking experiences, Sea Kayaking is a whole new ballgame altogether. The main difference between a sea kayak and a regular kayak is that the  former, has a deck which has been shielded […]

A Glimpse into the International Canoe Federation

February 7, 2017 admin 0

The International Canoe Federation as we know it today, is the top-most body of international stature in the sport of competitive canoeing. No matter which category of canoeing is involved, whether it is organized at regional, national or international level, […]

How to Purchase the Right Canoeing Equipment?

February 7, 2017 admin 0

For somebody who is completely new to canoeing, it can be a perplexing task to understand exactly how to get started as far as purchasing the right equipment is concerned. The biggest mistake people make is to not know how […]

Check out these Modern Kayaks!

February 7, 2017 admin 0

By now, we definitely know what a modern kayak looks like. This is a watercraft that has been used by mankind since time immemorial, and its different variants can be traced back to different civilizations and cultures. In fact, the […]

Get Started with Paddle Boarding!

February 7, 2017 admin 0

For all the paddling enthusiasts out there who’ve had their fair share of paddling and rowing, we bring you a new set of challenges with the super-exciting paddle boarding! The first ever geographical zone where this fusion of paddling and […]