Alternate Uses of Kayaks

There’s no end to innovation as far as any new discovery is concerned, and more so is the case with human inventions that have spanned over centuries. The most rudimentary forms of kayaks were of course created for the fundamental purpose of transportation, of both people and their belongings. Eventually, mankind learned how to make better kayaks and thereon these started being used for carrying various heavy goods by traders from shore to shore. The recreational purpose of kayaking emerged much later. Prior to this, we’ve had several other uses and functions served by kayaks over the ages. Here’s a look at some of the most striking and significant ones:-

Kayaks used by Huntsmen

That’s right. Kayaks have been a popular mode of hunting, especially in the Arctic Regions. It is obvious in this case that the usual prey here comprises of aquatic beings and swimming birds like ducks. But shooting and felling birds in the sky, and then going on to retrieve them, is also fairly convenient using kayaks.

Special Defense-Kayaks

Use of strategically built kayaking for military purposes was very popular during the Middle Ages, and the sole credit can be given to Great Britain for taking the lead in this regard. Very soon, Germany, France, Italy and subsequently the United States and even Japan were to follow. Folding Kayaks that would accommodate two persons at the most, were most popular in sea warfare for their agility as well as ability to duck and camouflage when under attack.

Fishing Expeditions

Kayaks have always been a popular mode of streamlining fishing expeditions. This is carried out in both freshwater as well as saline water bodies. The kayak is designed to suit the currents in the specific category of water bodies. In fact, the preference of kayaking in the realm of fishing is any day higher than that of hunting, except in the Arctic Zone where most water bodies remain frozen perennially. It is therefore easier to look for unsuspecting ducks, geese and other sea-bound birds instead.

Advantages of Kayaks over Motorboats

When we think of kayaks being used for the above purposes, the first question that pops is, why not opt for motor boats instead? The answer is simple. The biggest advantage of kayaks over motorboats is their cost-effectiveness. The next point is easy and hassle-free operation. And last but not the least, the maintenance costs and efforts are just a fraction, as compared with motorized boats.

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