Customer Shopping Experience

Customer Shopping Experience

Put simply, your customers are what keeps your business running, or at least 99% of the time they are – without customers, you probably wouldn’t have much income. Providing them with a pleasant experience when shopping with you is vital, as nobody would want to return to a shop or website that they didn’t find enjoyable or efficient to be on or in. With a shop it can all be about layout and product placement, whereas with a website page loading speeds and ease of navigation are key.

What sounds like an odd approach, is putting your products second to your customer’s experience. However, it is said to work. While the products you have to sell are the main reason your visitors are there, they will sooner remember a nice shop to be in, than a small crowded one that doesn’t maintain a pleasant condition to witness. It can be the same online – the layout and efficiency of the website can outweigh the products that you are selling.

If you have employees, it goes without saying that they are your foot soldiers, the ones that fight your smaller battles for you in the form of welcoming customers and selling your products to them. Good manners and positive attitudes of employees can make lasting impressions on customers, as I’m sure we’ve all witnessed first-hand. The way to guarantee employees contentment is to provide them with pleasant working conditions and make sure you cater for their needs in the way you run your business. Making sure you have adequate insurance policies in place can also improve employee retention – as employees like to know they are insured against anything bad happening – such as the business going bust, or personal injury. We recommend going through an insurance broker who works with you on a personal level, such as One Sure Insurance.

This circles back around to pleasing the customers, which satisfyingly ties it all together. Even simple tasks have lasting positive effects such as making sure that your stock is neatly laid out, and that floors are clean and free of boxes and other items left lying around when stacking shelves. As blunt as it sounds, there’s always going to be more that you can do for customers to improve their experience – if you try to closely monitor your customers and what they are reacting to when they are in your shop, you may be able to pick up on things you hadn’t previously thought about, and action them for the better.

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