Gaming Monitor Advantage: The LG 24GM77

LG 24GM77

Are you ready to up your gaming potential? Have you been thinking about an upgrade, but not sure what to invest in? Maybe it’s time to think about that dusty old monitor you’ve had for years, and upgrade to a gaming monitor.

LG offers one of the best in class gaming monitors available today, but how does it compare to other gaming monitors? This isn’t just a catch-phrase, it’s totally new technology. This monitor is 144hz, 24 inches, has a 1 ms response time, and even a “Motion 240” mode that we will explore later. Everything about this screams upgrade now! As long as you have a graphics card capable of maintaining at least 120 fps in your favorite title, this is the next step for your gaming needs.

First and foremost, 144 hz is the new standard in competitive gaming. When it comes to competition, response time is the most important improvement you can make. LG’s gaming monitor provides 1 ms response times, at 144 hz, which places it at the top of the pile in today’s technology, it’s as hyped as the best 360 cameras out there. It’s common for competitive games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to run at 200 frames per second or more. Your measly 60 hz monitor is utilizing less than half of what a 144 hz gaming monitor would at those frame rates.

In addition to the insane response times and refresh rates, LG has provided a special “Motion 240” gaming mode. This mode utilizes a special refresh technology that functions like a classic CRT monitor did in the old days. Instead of depending on refresh rate alone to adjust the image, this mode runs at 120 hz, and “flashes” the image between every refresh. This effect causes blur to literally vanish before your eyes! While you are sacrificing 24 hz, the benefit of this mode in games with high motion is undeniable. There’s a reason that CRT monitors survived in competitive gaming long past their use in mainstream computing, and blur busting is that reason. With the advent of Motion 240, we finally have it back!

The only possible drawback of this monitor that some people may mention, is that it only provides 1080p native resolution. It is absolutely true that 1440p, and 4K resolutions are becoming more popular, but currently these resolutions are unnecessary in a gaming monitor. As an example, let’s take another look at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Listed here are the current setups of tons of pros in the CS:GO scene. Most importantly, I’d like to note the resolutions that all of these competitive gamers are playing at. Notice that almost all of them are playing below 1080p! The reason for this comes back to frame rates and refresh rate capabilities. Every time you upgrade resolution, you’re costing yourself response time performance. 4K runs at twice the resolution of 1080p, and while this looks pretty, it can literally half your performance! In summary, is 1080p a downside? Not at all.

As of the release of this article, the LG 24GM77 Gaming Monitor is available on Amazon with the list price of $350 USD. It is currently on sale for $300 USD, which is an excellent price to performance ratio.

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