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For all the paddling enthusiasts out there who’ve had their fair share of paddling and rowing, we bring you a new set of challenges with the super-exciting paddle boarding! The first ever geographical zone where this fusion of paddling and surfing is known to have originated was Polynesia. Furthermore it was Thomas Edward Blake of the United State of America, who took the lead in Paddle Board Designing and Construction. If not for him, the enthusing arena of paddle boarding very certainly wouldn’t have reached the zenith that it has today. Incidentally, he got the idea from the regular holiday surf boards in Hawaii upon one visit there. And that is when the novel idea of paddling on an improvised surfboard stuck him!

Types of Paddleboards

There are three broad categories of paddleboards, and thereon sub categories as well. But since most of you are supposedly beginners, we will not be getting into too much depth.

  • It would suffice to note that the lightest and swiftest category of paddle boards for those who have a small and slim build, are the stock boards. This also happens to be the most preferred category for highly turbulent waters, since the probability of remaining afloat despite a strong current is the most here.
  • Next in line are the 14 Foot Boards which are intermediary in terms of length, width and overall weight. Given their build, design and physical dimensions, it is best to be used in the situation of medium-turbulence.
  • Finally, you have the Unlimited Boards which are used on placid waters only. The reason is simple- because these boards are the heaviest, one cannot use them for paddling or paddle boarding on rough waters. Ideally, this would be the best choice for paddlers with tall and broad build.

Ensuring Safety in Paddle Boarding

If you thought that the use of an external floatation device such as a life jacket was limited only to conventional kayaking, paddling or canoeing, you are highly mistaken. Even in the innovative and energizing sport of paddle boarding, you mandatorily need to have all safety procedures in place. Not only do you need to carry or wear a life jacket, but you also need to have a properly-functioning sound-producing device along with you at all times while paddle boarding. This is essential so that you merely whistle or press the alarm in case of any emergency. Better safe than sorry!

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