A Glimpse into the International Canoe Federation

The International Canoe Federation as we know it today, is the top-most body of international stature in the sport of competitive canoeing. No matter which category of canoeing is involved, whether it is organized at regional, national or international level, it is the International Canoe Federation which is the ultimate deciding authority in case of any disputes.

Specifications and more….

To begin with, the headquarters of this globally recognized canoeing authority is located in the picturesque city of Lausanne in Switzerland. The most probable reason for this location apart from many others, is the presence of myriad water bodies in the region. In fact the upcoming Winter Youth Olympics of 2020 is scheduled to be held at Lausanne, and we couldn’t be any more excited!

Tracing down the years….

You might be surprised to know that the history of canoeing goes all the way back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. It was the traders who built the first ever canoes (the proper ones mind you, and not the rudimentary ones which have pretty much been around since the Stone Age). Of course the competitive sport of canoeing emerged much later, somewhere in the late 19th century. As far as the International Canoe Federation is concerned, it was in 1946 that this body was formed, and ever since then it has been affiliated to the International Olympic Committee. Also, this body itself has an affiliation from more than 150 countries spread across Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia, North America and South America.

Freestyle Canoeing

While the above body regulates almost all forms of canoeing from around the world, the specifics of Freestyle Canoeing come under the radar for various reasons. The most important aspect is that in this style (also known as play boating), the major focus is on making different maneuvers in one place, as opposed to going down the line to scale a specified distance.

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