River Rafting: Paddling at its Enthralling Best!

While we have spoken about Whitewater Canoeing in its various intriguing forms in the past, the intriguing leisure sport of Whitewater Rafting also needs special mention. As the name suggests, both of these activities are carried out on white water only. To refresh your memory, white water refers to a frothy water body where the aeration has happened to an extent that the water body in its naturally flowing state happens to be frothy or bubbly. Additionally, it needs to have an unstable which is neither to destructive nor too placid. It need not necessarily be a river, but could also be a creek, tributary, distributaries, stream or a waterfall. The presence of Sifts, Eddies, Sweepers, Holes, Undercut Rock, Pillows, Waves and Sieves is extremely common in the case of White Water.

Difference between Whitewater Canoeing and Whitewater Rafting

The most obvious difference between Whitewater Canoeing and Whitewater Rafting is that the former involves paddling on a canoe boat whereas the latter involves using an inflatable raft. While no generalization can be made, it is certainly a noticeable trend that professional paddlers are more into canoeing whereas those who prefer rafting are usually recreational enthusiasts. Off late, river rafting has become amongst the prime ‘group-experiences’ or ‘team-building experiences’ for official tour groups and corporate training programs. The most probable reason for this is that a trained rafter can easily train a group of people in the basic wherewithal of maneuvering an inflatable raft in an hour’s time, whereas the skills of kayaking require considerable time and efforts on part of the trainer.

Is River Rafting Safe?

Well, given the massive popularity of River Rafting as a Recreational Sport as well as a ‘Team-Bonding Exercise’, it is often taken for granted that this adventure sport is largely risk free. In fact, this is a wide misconception and the number of casualties is not often brought to the limelight. While we will be discussing these safety aspects in much more detail in a separate post, you ought to know that there is absolutely nothing to be scared of in the first place. If all the necessary safety precautions are taken and you have been familiarized with the basics of your terrain, you will end up enjoying River Rafting like none else!

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