Sea Kayaking: Unprecedented Marine Adventures

Even if you’ve had your share of River Kayaking experiences, Sea Kayaking is a whole new ballgame altogether. The main difference between a sea kayak and a regular kayak is that the  former, has a deck which has been shielded and also has an alternative provision of spray decking, which is absent in the latter. The essence of these differences can be understood when we take into account that sea kayaking expeditions are carried out in larger areas and for a longer duration of time as compared with regular kayaks. Therefore, the implications of having a stock of medical supplies, food and drinking water, is a must in the case of sea kayaking.

Structure of a Sea Kayak

If you want to know what a Sea Kayak looks like, it would be apt to visualize the ergonomic fusion of a conventional wooden river kayak and a modern-day inflatable kayak. For recreational kayakers it would be apt to purchase a short kayak with a big cockpit, broad beams as it would prevent you from getting overtly wet while kayaking, ensuring easy maneuverability and last but not the least, higher levels of safety. On the contrary, if you are in for a wee bit of adventure and would like to excel in kayaking as a sport, you can always go ahead and purchase a sit-on-top kayak. Off late, there has been yet another variant of a sea kayak which has been designed for avid surfers. It is known as a Surf Ski and it is used for the exciting retreat of surf-skiing.

Types of Paddles in Sea Kayaking

There are three different variants of paddling involved in Sea Kayaking, and these be enlisted as the Greenland Style of Paddling, the Wing Mode of Paddling and finally the most common European version. While there are certain similarities between all three of them, the differences have mainly to do with the geographical conditions, weather conditions and regional adaptations of kayaking as a sport. The kind of water body involved, and how still or white it is, also plays an important role in determining the choice.

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