Slow Cooking Translated – Mexican Stew / Guisada

Mexican Stew

Everyone that owns or intends to own a slow cooker will need recipes. Recipes for pressure cookers are necessary because not all traditional recipes translate into good meals from slow cookers. Either traditional recipes must be customized to endure slow cooker cooking, or a recipe must be utilized that was written with the use of a slow cooking method mind.

This is because some foods are not conductive to being cooked in a slow cooker, and most foods cook characteristically different when cooked in a slow cooker. Most often, foods produce much more liquid when cooked in a slow cooker than in other cooking methods, so the addition or restriction of liquid must be considered.

Beef Guisada

One of my favorite recipes for a slow cooker is Mexican stew or guisada. This particular guisada is made with green chilies, potatoes, onions and beef. A cheaper cut of beef is best for slow cookers because the slow cooking renders the meat and fat properly, and these cuts deliver the most flavor because of these characteristics. People can choose their own types of onions, green chiles and potatoes. An additional can of Mexican style chopped tomatoes or your choice of salsas is a final addition after the slow cooker is assembled.

Assembly Time

The chiles may have to have their skins removed before placement in slow cookers depending on the type of chiles used and by whatever method is normally utilized by the cook. The potatoes must be cut into a very large dice if small potatoes are not utilized. Brown a large of amount of onions until they are caramelized. Add these onions into the slow cooker as a base, and then the potatoes in a layer. Next, add the green chiles also in a layer atop the potatoes, and then add the beef cubed and browned.

Serve well

The final step is adding the 16 ounce can of chopped tomatoes or salsa and set the slow cooker to cook for 6 hours. On some slow cookers, there are a settings for all day and a setting that is half this time. In this case use the half setting from the highest possible. The meat and vegetables will produce enough liquid and oil to make the stew very rich. When the guisada is finished, pour onto a platter and serve with accoutrements like fresh corm or flour tortillas, more salsa and other toppings that may be used with traditional tacos.

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