What is a Canoe Sprint?

Canoeing Enthusiasts who regularly watch the various prestigious national and international level tournaments must surely be aware of the sport ‘Canoe Sprint’. But for the benefit of the larger section that do not follow these events or beginners who are interested in getting started with this amazing sport, a Canoe Sprint is an event wherein the water in which you paddle the canoe is still. Therefore, instead of mere paddling, you race your way through it, just like the way athletes sprint conventionally. We’ve already spoken about Whitewater Canoeing in one of our previous posts. So a Canoe Sprint is exactly opposite to Whitewater Canoeing, and hence it has often been accorded the nomenclature of Flat Water Racing.

A specially-designed Sprint Canoe

The concept of single-bladed paddles is the same as used in the case of regular canoeing. But the major difference between a Sprint Canoe and a regular Canoe is that the former is raced ahead at high speed by two to four kneeling sportsmen yielding a paddle each. So there are around one or two people on either side of the canoe sprinting ahead. Incidentally, this sport was accepted and given the designated status by the International Olympic Committee way back in 1924. Just so you know, this was a time when even the International Canoeing Association was not formed. Despite the lesser popularity of Canoeing in the International Sporting Circuit back then, the Sprint Canoe Event became a huge sensation and found a wide range of spectators from all over the world.

The Enthralling War Canoes

Of all the countries in the world, the biggest patronizing and popularity of Sprint Canoeing is found in Canada. Not only is there a lot of technical acumen utilized to ensure the crème-de-la-crème of the sport, but even war canoes area rage over here. Yes, we are talking about canoes which have actually been designed for warfare purposes. If you look for similarities of this kind of canoe with other warfare boats that have been used across the globe, you will find resemblance with regard to the Dragon Boats of the Orient for sure!

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